Reflecting an aversion to labels, an evolving list:

THINGS I LIKE : humour; learning; self-improvement; being the age that I am; cats; reading; writing; travelling; ethics; having my own space; bird and bug watching; seeking spiritual meaning despite instinctive atheistic tendencies; cheese; shovelling snow; being negative about things that deserve it; smiles; kayaking; bookish children; peanuts; being naked; periods of solitude; Jews; quality social interaction; courtesy; a nice cup of tea; public lectures and readings; opera (no, not the browser); magic mushrooms; dictionaries; philosophical introspection; hard work; bicycling (commuting and touring); daydreaming; civility; moderation; nature; oceans, lakes and rivers; thinking critically; forests; lesbians; second-hand bookstores; Indian food;

A Boy and his Turkey

THINGS I LIKE MORE IN THEORY THAN IN PRACTISE : fishing; Vancouver; yoga; Faeries; unions;

THINGS I FEAR : mental stasis; bears (the kind with four legs); mediocrity; reincarnation; marriage; the future of humankind; catheters; rip tides; failure; success; suburbia;

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